Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chapter 1, Part 1

An ancient flaw in her nature draws a woman to a weak man. This flaw teaches her to feel secure by making him fail. It also excites the weakness of the man to cling to her, which is what fuels in her a false sense of security, of power.

This mysterious flaw in woman’s nature arises from the spirit of Original Sin; and its current mystique inherently and always appeals to, and supports, the compatible wrong in man. This misguided female spirit feels power through agreeing with what has gone wrong in man. To satisfy the need of this spirit, a man’s ego must be stroked and gratified, progressively weakened, and eventually destroyed to keep her happy. But happiness is always short-lived, because she becomes possessed by a madness she can neither understand nor control.

Every woman instinctively inherits this black widow spider knowledge—tempting her man and sucking out his juices. Men sense the danger, but they are drawn to fulfill the mysterious and original promise of a life of glory implicit in a woman’s love. To get a man, every woman knows she must put him up on a pedestal. She rationalizes that selfish compulsion as her loving duty. It is not.

Man is also insecure. He inherits the guilt of a wounded pride, which is forever trying to recover by employing the original spirit of its fall—the woman—obligating her spirit to give what she really cannot deliver. It is as though his need were trying to draw up through her a spirit to make good its ancient promise. Instead of improving his lot with her affections, he is made progressively worse. As long as she continues to lie, offering herself like a Las Vegas dealer, he goes on hoping upon hope on the next turn of the dice. But he goes on losing, reinforcing the spirit of the house with his vital substance.

The very qualities that can produce real love, security, and happiness (such as good character and other noble moral traits) are the qualities which oppose lust. The lovesick female spirit can flourish only on excitement emanating from the worshipful clinging of a failing, egotistical man. It is threatened by real strength and virtue. While she needs this virtue in a man, her sick, egotistical spirit is afraid of being dominated by it.

A man of good character is not drawn to female guile, having little use for the appeal it has for other men. A guileful female has little use for this kind of man, because she knows she cannot have her way with him. If she wants to control a man, a woman must be of easy virtue, quick to recognize a man’s ego worth.The favor of her body completes this slavery to her spirit.

Instant recognition of man’s ego is the theme of the original lie, which has always stimulated the evolution of male flesh to rise at each falling away of the soul. Sex happens to be the original symptom of man’s failing. It represents death coming alive, a new body replacing the dying one through the sin of pride. For man, death comes through sin, and that sin is pride.

The pride of man lives now amid the evolutions of sensuous life that arise through failing. The life of the flesh thus appears through the mechanism of Original Sin and again when we are sustained in our pride. The guilt of the soul is assuaged by identifying with the flesh. Prideful man is proud in his body when he is in love, prouder still when gratifying his evolving lusts. By viewing a man’s sexual weakness as a virtue, a woman can, in effect, reinforce the pride of Original Sin with her body, keeping him caught up in her spell in the ecstasy of his failing. She drinks in his life substance like Dracula. While he revels in the illusive ecstasy of the lie, she assimilates his life substance.

The slightest hint of female acceptance produces the failing that is felt as lust. Relieving this lust is where a woman’s false sense of worth, of loving duty, of security is fiendishly gratified. A woman worships to the end that she might be worshiped. In the egotistical sense, pleasing a man is her selfish way of pleasing herself. With no life of her own, she feels what she stimulates a man to feel.

To serve an ego is to weaken it to need service, so that in the end the one doing the serving is served, becoming an almost godlike source of both need and satisfaction of need. If man were doing business with God, there would be nothing wrong with this arrangement, because man would benefit, in the flesh, from His spirit.

But Satan’s spirit (operating through female guile), having no life or power of its own, can reverse the divine order of things. Through the pride of the woman, Satan compels man to give up his life and makes himself the godlike ground of man’s being by deceiving him about the purpose of his existence. There are certain types of men who love to be sustained by deception, as well as women who love to deceive—then, again, there are those who do not.

Worship the ego, inspire the ego to become god, and that triggers failing. Stroke that failing when it appears, relieve the tension, and spiritual as well as physical life is drained away. Now begin again before man has time to see what is really going on.

The sick female spirit can never really be fulfilled through such false devotion. She is frustrated, because the quality of this love is his very life. It is not love at all. Too much sex feeds her demon spirit, but too little threatens it. One moment she just loves his failing, and the next she hates his guts for it; yet from hating sex love rises a need for sex love to soothe her guilt.

Every woman’s real happiness depends upon a man understanding her need for real love rather than sexual love. As long as a woman is guileful, she will suffer the agonies of (sexually) drawing spinelessly weak or violently weak men to her. Like it or not, every woman inherits some of the guile that appeals to, and excites, the ancient weakness of man; and that is what every man must eventually come to grips with. The more guile she possesses, the more exciting is the woman.The greater her guile, the greater is her capacity to fill up on weak men.

It must be understood here that people are capable of both wholesome and unwholesome needs and desires. I am speaking now only of unwholesome desires. The lower nature must be overcome, or else it consumes the higher one, which is waiting to unfold. Sin (or guile), when it enters the soul, supplants a holy love that a man and woman might have for one another. Corruption replaces natural desires with a terribly destructive hunger for one another. Deep down what a woman really wants is to be loved for herself, not for her body or for the resident hell that men selfishly embrace for the sake of the continuance of their pride.

The pride of man, as it has originated through its woman-mother, needs mothering to survive. It has little use for sobering goodness, simply because honesty does not help pride to survive; it does not light the evolutionary and imaginary fires of mind and body. Innocence is not the stuff that dreams (and false confidence) are made of. Deceit excites imagination, but honesty threatens to awaken the prideful spirit to its death.

As I have already pointed out, our mortal nature has come down from an original ego falling-away from an inner ground of being. The pride in its sensuous form is nurtured by the betraying spirit of its original conversion. Man’s confidence (belief in himself) has been altered from what it might otherwise be, founded on his faith in a God greater than himself. Because he is wrong, he needs a woman to believe in him in order to go on believing in himself and his prideful way. Man’s soul is adapted psychologically and spiritually to depend on a woman’s pretentious affection. His insanity craves and demands support from the ancient wrong in woman. His “courage” to continue in the prideful way comes through a lying love. From lying love comes the motivation to be more of a beast, doing wrong things and living the wrong way without guilt. But afterward the guilt appears.

By reason of his sin a man is addicted to a woman’s love but fears what it does to him. True courage springs from being right. No one can stand alone or be certain when he is wrong unless he has some kind of reassurance; that is why all insecure, weak men need a woman’s love. The comforter of the wrong man is his god.

Pride has little tolerance for innocence. Innocence sees through error and does not support it. When, through ambition, selfishness, anger, and greed, a man loses his virtue and true courage, then in his failing, he looks for the false to sustain him. Then there ceases to be in him the spirit of true adventure that the good Lord intended. He seeks, instead, for a different kind of confidence for a different way—for those forbidden things of power and glory. From wine, women, and song he gets the false courage to go out into the world and fight, cheat, and wrestle the goods and glory from other men. Each man, backed by his woman’s love, becomes a bigger beast instead of a better man.

Each man, guilty from his encounters with other beasts, comes home to his woman, obligating her to remind him that he is a man and help him forget his failing and what he has become. Renewing his confidence sexually, she sets him up to fail again and again. Debilitated, afraid to work and compete, he begins to spend time with the ego reinforcements of sex, booze, and drugs.

Both winners and losers in the dog-eat-dog world of pride become less, not more. The filthy rich have their women to soothe away the hurt of playing the rejection game and so do the downtrodden. Pride is such a scoundrel that it is able to use not only the weakness of sexual love but also its eventual failing to sustain itself. Pride can hide behind any weakness, even impotence, and make it seem like
a virtue.

When a man sets a woman up to accept him, he is really making her, rather than himself, into a god. She is a god who learns to feel secure only through the power drawn from his sexual abuse of her, for which reason she allows this abuse. Once she becomes addicted to his clinging, she becomes bossy and demanding. Now he begins to fail not only out there in the world, but also at home in bed as well. Here, in ego desperation, he may turn to other women or teach his wife to degrade herself to excite him to fail. Only in failing can he experience the awakening of new sexual feelings, which evolve out of the sin of man’s soul as it reaches new
lows of depravity.

From the love tease he now falls to the hate tease. He wallows in blame, resentment, and hate. He is fixated to that just as much as he was to love, because blaming her is also a powerful distraction from guilt. However, because hate is a response to her temptation and is itself a sin, it produces a new “life” feeling of sexual lust that, when milked for relief, produces only waves of anguish and guilt in the man.